Hands-on Sclerotherapy Injection Tele-Training

Live Teleconference Hands-On One Day Sclerotherapy Injection Tele-Training
Convenient, hands-on Sclerotherapy injection tele-training in your office with after-training support
Using teleconferencing technology, our trainers will connect with your office for an online supervised training session for $1199.
This includes training of you and another provider, if you choose to invite your partner. Tele-training has been accepted by the US government as a tool to train medical providers. Using Skype or Google Hangout, we will supervise your injection through video conferencing. The greatest benefit is that you can get this training as early as next week. After completion of the training course, you will receive a certificate to provide to your supply vendor or malpractice insurance company
Included in the Online Training:
Instructional videos (17 videos over 4 hours), powerpoint slides and essential startup files will be available to you online prior to the hands on training day
The outline is as follows
In the introduction, you have access to download the following:
Patient History Forms
Pre and Post Instructions
Marketing Photos
Treatment Record Forms
Consent Forms
In the video presentation, you will learn the following
Intro to venous system of the lower extremities
Predisposing factors
Different types of sclerosing solution
Injection technique
New treatment options for leg veins
Marketing References
Office evaluation of the lower extremities
Consultation steps
Treatment approach
Sclerotherapy complication
Setting up a practice
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Certificated sclerotherapy training online courses
Certificated sclerotherapy training courses for Nurses, Physicians, and Dentists. Provide crucial medical knowledge, practical skills, and business information.
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