Online Sclerotherapy Training

This online sclerotherapy training module provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy Training Online will provide you with an online video course in sclerotherapy injection that you will be able to view for 30 days. You can view this anywhere and as many times as you want. Also, you will have access to the start up material to help you open up a sclerotherapy practice. After completion of the online training course, a certificate will be available to you to provide to your sclerotherapy supply vendor and malpractice insurance company.
The outline is as follows:
In the introduction, you have access to download the following:
Patient History Forms
Treatment Record Forms
Pre and Post Instructions
Consent Forms
Marketing Photos

In the video presentation, you will learn the following:
Intro to venous system of the lower extremities
Predisposing factors
Office evaluation of the lower extremities
Consultation steps
Different types of sclerosing solution
Treatment approach
Injection technique
Sclerotherapy complication
New treatment options for leg veins
Setting up a practice

We also offer Botox training and dermal filler training. For more information, please go to Cosmetic Medical Training.

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Certificated sclerotherapy training online courses
Certificated sclerotherapy training courses for Nurses, Physicians, and Dentists. Provide crucial medical knowledge, practical skills, and business information.
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