The educational instructors of Sclerotherapy Training Online have been providing Sclerotherapy training to Doctors (MD/DO), Dentists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Nurses since 2006. Our approach to learning focuses on providing you with the most comprehensive online instructional experience. Our courses are designed to provide crucial medical knowledge, practical skills, and business information to help you establish your Sclerotherapy practice. After the completion of any of our programs, we give ongoing support to ensure every trainee is confident in administering the highest quality of treatment.

Our lead instructor is Dr. Jay Park. He was a medical director of two medical spa & laser vein / sclerotherapy centers in Florida. His dedication to evidence based medicine and openness to variety of treatments lead to high patient satisfaction rates. Sclerotherapy Training Online has incorporated that same broad approach to the content of the instructional material.

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Certificated sclerotherapy training online courses
Certificated sclerotherapy training courses for Nurses, Physicians, and Dentists. Provide crucial medical knowledge, practical skills, and business information.
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